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Hey, how's ya'll's New Year?
Twenty minutes after officially declaring it New Years here, I got scared by a "The Woman In Black II" commercial in front of my folks so much that I fell over. xD
Anyway, What're your resolutions for this new year? 
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Tagged by :iconmiss-wicker:

1) You Must Post The Rules.
2) Share 10 Facts About You.
3) Answer 10 Questions Asked By The One Who Tagged You And Make 10 Questions For The People You Tagged.
4) Tag 10 People In The Journal.
5) No " You're Tagged If You Read This" Things.
6) Tag 10 Legit People. (I corrected a typo )
7) No Tag Backs.
8) You Can't Say You Don't Tag.
9) Make A Journal. Don't Comment It.

Ten facts about yours truly include:

1. I am Mexican American.
2. I have been dragged by my arms across a school hall before. It was monstrously fun!
3. I am left-handed.
4. I can see better with my left eye than my right eye.
5. I focus my sight on my left eye. This doesn't mean I make my right eye blind. I still see with that one but I pay more attention with my left eye.
6. I have had a few surgeries in my time; my major ones came since I was born all the way to age 15.
7. My high prescription in my glasses make my eyes look smaller than they really are.
8. I am not to drive without my contacts on, then I'd be legally blind.
9. My morbid interests bloomed with Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd at age ten. They have continued flourishing from that moment on.
10.i have been roleplaying since I was eleven.

1) Are you local?
2) Is this the right room for an argument?
There is no room for argument!
3) Are you not entertained?!
Are YOU?! *Pokes your nose* Boop!
4) When you squish your chin against your neck/chest, how many chins can you make?
One. Don't got any meat on these bones.
5)What's your favourite idea?! (mine is  being creative)
How do you get the idea?! (I just try to think creatively!)
6)Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home? *nods* Alrighty, then.
7) Time to play Cluedo! Who wants to be who? (dibs Miss Scarlet)
Shotgun Movie!Mrs. White! ("Flames on the side of my face!") If not then Professor Plum, per-lease.
8) Did the war start because some bloke, Archie-Duke, shot an ostrich because he was hungry?
9) What's that mysterious ticking noise?
*BOOM* Lollipop, lollipop. Oh Loli-Loli-Loli-lollipop *pop* Ba-dum-dum-dum...
10)While you were answering these questions, did you notice me sneaking into your room?
I notice everything, silly; now kindly escort yourself out. Oh, and want a refreshment before you go?

My Questions!:

1. How are you today?
2. What's your favorite book genre?
3. What is your ideal happy place?
4. Riddle me this!
While exploring the wild highlands of Scotland, Crazy Rob was captured by hostile wood fairies. Smazze, the powerful chief of the fairies told him he could make one final statement which would determine how he would die. If the statement he made was false, he would be boiled in water. If the statement were true, he would be fried in oil. Crazy Rob found neither of this options too his liking, so he made a statement that got him out of this seemingly impossible situation.
What is the one statement he could make to save himself?
5. What was your favorite show as a kid and why?
6. Quick, pick! Games, movies, or books?
7. If you could own any material possession in the world from any time period, what would it be?
8. What is the creepiest/scariest thing that has happenened to you?
9. Favorite dessert?
10. What is the scariest creature/person you can imagine (of your own creation, please) and why?

I tag:
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Starring Role-Marina & the Diamonds
  • Reading: this journal. Reddits. Umineko no naku koro ni
  • Watching: Phone screen
  • Playing: Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Milk
Hey, peeps! Just wanted to let ya'll know that a)I am currently a bit sick and b)I've lost all my writings.

Got a new phone, dad tried to back up old phone on the computer but instead transferred a virus into the old phone. Now my phone won't turn on.

All of my writings are in there; Yoru's requested Lovesick Brains Drabble that I have to finish is in there, my Cranett drabbles are in there, my documented progress on Mallory is in there; everything.

Ugh, now I've to rewrite them all from memory. Hopefully, this is a chance to improve on all of them with a fresh new (Albeit vague) outlook on my projects.

The only thing we have from my old phone is my internet favorites, which hardly help. But, E for effort!

Also, I'd like to thank those that PM'd and commented on my previous journal. You guys really helped me get outta my weird funk, and it's great to talk to you all to get different perspectives on my thoughts. Thanks so much!

That's it on my status update!

P.S: Anyone wanna rp some B-man, just pm me! Those who mentioned an interest in rping with me previously, PM me so we can expand on that further!

Alex out!
Anyway, finals ended a good two or three days ago and I know I've been pretty inactive on here for a li'l while. Due to atudying for my über difficult school, I just didn't have the time or energy to spare on Deviantart. *sigh* Um, now I've just been floating around the Internet, reading reddits about stalkers and weaboos, and doing a few other things.

Um, ignore the rest of this if you don't want any ridiculous drama on your dash, please. Those that care to listen to my vague ramblings read on.

... slowly disappearing from the face of the earth. 
It is currently one forty-six in the morning and I am feeling depressed as frack. I've been looking into a lot of gothic loli stuff recently. My folks are totally liking that despite how expensive it can be, and we're taking it slow. Thing is I'm on the petite side: 4'8, 95 lbs, and a Mexican-American (race will come into play later, I guess), here. So it's difficult to find clothes my size to begin with. Hopefully since Japanese sizes are on the petite side, I can find some cute items that don't cost too much. Unfortunately, like any fashion, Lolita fashion is pretty pessimistic. You have to have great make-up, smooth skin, big eyes, pale skin (ha!), pretty wigs, a combination of great color palettes, etc. These are certain constraints that I see, and I like doing these things my way, but nicely. 

I've been analysing people like Venus Angelic and trying to get more of a feel of my own style. Right now I'm just wearing makeshift casual barely gothic lolita. I wear knee high socks, Mary Janes, knee length skirts, and whatever shirt I can transform into a type of subtle loli wear. It's cool, I'm comfy, I'm rockin' it. 

Thing is, I'm barely getting into this and these aforementioned constraints are kinda psyching me out. The whole beauty aspect is getting to me, I'm getting insecure about my looks (my face, really) and I've a lot to transform, IMO, to make myself feel a bit more confident look-wise. Gonna experiment with makeup and hairstyles tomorrow.  I've never really felt this insecure about my looks in a while. It's stupid, I know, but urgh.

Goshdarnit, tears suck right now. 

Gotta talk about my eyes and get an update on any prescription changes. Gotta wear my contacts tomorrow and see sometime soon if a)I'm legible for circle lenses given my prescription and b) where/if there is a safe place to buy said lenses. Considering plastic surgery. Bottom half of my face doesn't look "cute" enough for me (honestly I am being so frikkin' ridiculous, but lolis are too pretty and ughghgh why, insecurities? Why?!) so I am not-too-seriously wondering about possibilities. Gonna wait a bit on that...

Then, the whole conformability niche thing with fashion and society really has me thinking. I've always had trouble fitting in.

For a critical part in my childhood- 1st to 5th grade, I was taught in a catholic, rude snobs environment and discovered my love of morbid things at age ten when I got the movie Sweeney Todd. The school I attended was made roughly 97 percent of snobs, staff included. You would hear kindergarteners call a teacher "Tia" (aunt in Spanish) or in some cases, "mama" 'cause everyone was an aunt or relative or close friend of everyone so it was pretty bias. I was part of the 3 percent of the entire school that wasn't part of that clique. Really, we were problematic as well. It went downhill from there then on. PM me if you want me to go in depth. I will be selective to who I tell these things to. 

Anyway, it was a critical development process and it still kind of affects me today in the social environment aspect, but I try not to let it get to me. Since then I've always been kind of disconnected with others, Small talk is ok, but I get bored easily sometimes until I get to something I'm interested in. Then you can't get me to shut up. Selfish, I know, but I DO listen to others and care about what they have to say. If it just starts and ends with small talk, fine by me. If it doesn't, fine by me. I like people, and care a lot about humanity and all. However, it takes ALOT for me to become close to people-I have to feel a connection sooner or later and it has to last. I'm sucky at keeping connections and dislike being ignored-part of my little side-effects. I dislike being psychologically manipulated, I dislike being deserted, I dislike being last pick, I dislike being used, I dislike being lied to. This does not mean I will say anything about it. I am the type of person who, when mad, I let all the little things build up th'n explode in a flash of indignation. I can be quite the firework. 

I am seriously thinking of seeing a psychologist about this because my mom is still worried that I get so worked up about this every time I retell my experiences. I kinda am too. I can hold a grudge. 

So, this little pickiness I have with people in general make it astoundingly hard to get close to people. It is easier online, admittedly, and I truly adore people who interact with me here. I don't have to feel like I belong anywhere; I can just chill with you guys and talk about our interests. Thank you for that.

Thinking of going to a con of some sort (gothic con? Loli con? Comic con? I dunno... Just somewhere, really) to find people I can talk to live. I wanna go places, but people here aren't very into what I'm into. Everyone's the same. I feel so alone, so isolated, so out of touch and I dunno how to make it stop... I don't wanna go down that stupid, fickle path again. Its leads to bad thoughts I'm too life-preserving to think about...

Mom thinks hanging out with my cousins and step cousins is better for me, but they're so one-dimensional it sucks the life out of me. And my uncle's makeshift step-family is so manipulative and fake that I can't even. They're nice and all, but I doubt they'd wanna have in-depth conversations about american horror story any time soon. Dad's folks-the ones I like a bit more-are too busy. It's Christmas, after all.

I'm thinking back on these stuff and where I currently am at right now in life. I think I'm coolio. I'm O.K. Gonna probably start a youtube cover channel, work on cosplays and lolita outfits, writing too, etc. 

 I'm not in the mood to write fluff right now. Tomorrow I'm gonna do yoga and make-up experiments and exercise and regulate my eating habits and make a few outfits from my wardrobe and probably be online. Maybe curl up and watch anime. Anyone got any horror anime recommendations?  

I dunno what's happening... I try to scream, but I can't yell. My folks have already heard this time and time again and though they try to help I just... Right now I feel so unsparingly frightened and anxious and I can't sleep...

I'm sorry if this sounds so scattered... Kinda morose right now. Gonna delete this in the morning. Probably gonna fall asleep soon if I'm lucky. Lates, peeps.
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    Mallory/Jonathan Metropolis civilians!Alt.End.

    The Metropolis Civilians!Alt.End is one of the many alternate endings I have.

    Basically, instead of going to Arlen, Mallory stays in Metropolis since her life before the Wendigo is there. She meets up with her old coven and they're more than happy to reintegrate her back into their ways. Mallory gradually begins to accept the magic part of her ancestry and thus the curse is broken. Mallory and Diane rekindle their friendship, and they begin collaborating on the academy in Metropolis, with the two witches getting Lex Luthor to help fund their schools.

Mallory begins checking in on her parents to help them become better people and to help them break the curse. It is an arduous process, but with the members of Justice League Dark's assistance and Diane's help/enlightening, the Anderson and Sinnet families are eventually free of both the curse of the Wendigo and the bad luck curse.

Such luck leads Jonathan back to Mallory. They accidentally meet up at a local cafe. Jonathan looked horrid, bony and bleeding. He'd gotten mugged on his way out of Gotham, a city he had grown sick of now that his plots weren't flourishing, his fear seemingly erased, his fear toxin weak and nonexistent now that his resources were slim to none, and his most fascinating test subject - his once close confidant - had apparently died. It hadn't helped to find out that Nygma had become a private investigator or that other rogues had also managed to keep themselves well-off and somewhat happy.

Jonathan's shock and mixed feelings were buzzing when he stumbled across Mallory. Mallory explained her cleansing process and, to regain his trust, gave him money, directions to a nice hotel, and, among the roll of dollar bills, a vial of pure Wendigo essence she had managed to persuade Zatanna to give her. However, she did ask Jonathan why he hadn't helped her get rid of the Wendigo, and she preyed on his vulnerable state to further regain his loyalty, giving him the reassurances and support he needed. She repeatedly made it clear that she wished to help him find a better life, and that if she hadn't been told to leave for her own safety, she never would have left his side.

After this display of trust and her loyalty was secured, Crane chose to accept Mallory's help if only to analyse the side effects the Wendigo bestowed upon her. He secretly wouldn't admit it, but he did not want to let her go so easily. The ropes of infatuation, dusty as they were, still clung to him tightly.

Just as Mallory had hoped.

It was only months later, when the couple had finally reached stability and all seemed mercifully normal, that Mallory confessed her plan to Jonathan. 

Jonathan Crane has been manipulated by fear and cowardice and scorn and disgust and thus learned to manipulate by those methods.

Mallory Sinnet was manipulated by love and fear and wariness and beauty and self-preservation, and learned to manipulate those traits.

She, unlike Jonathan, started manipulating others at a very young age thanks to her parents teaching her so/doing the same to others. 

He started doing so in his late teens and stopped altogether, becoming vastly introverted when he secured his short-lived success at Gotham's psychology branch. 

He barely wielded his manipulation skills progressively when he chose to, and as a villain only manages to manipulate negatively with fear and eeriness..

Mallory, on the other hand, wanted to continue honing her manipulation of others and thus strived to familiarize herself with the arts - most specifically acting - and the psychology degree helped as well. 

The Wendigo was a test, and she was certainly intimidated by the fact that she could not manipulate a spirit. And yes, she needed a little shove to help her get better with dealing with it. But it helped her out, it taught her how to stalk and successfully ensnare her prey. It honed her manipulation skills and allowed her to pull of self-preservation stunts she never could have done due to human error and feelings.

Now who would be the more skilled manipulator? Mallory, of course.

It was much better than her acting degree, she just never knew it until Jonathan had helped her realize it. It was then that she began planning. There was no way she was going down so easily without a fight. The Wendigo went along with the intrigue that this certainly hadn't been done before. Every other Anderson had simply laid down and was devoured. If she was going to die - which she wasn't, not by a long shot - she was going to do something meaningful first.

Batman knew this plan. She had told him her plan and he had agreed, even though he was unsure it would work at all. It was a plan to help purge corruption from Gotham, and some of it worked.

Mallory agreed to Crane's offer both because she wanted to get better and because it meant testing out her capabilities on a totally demented sort of mind. 

When she became the wicked witch, Mallory foregoed her ties to Gotham's elite in order to delve into more interesting test subjects.

She - with the Wendigo's help - managed to get the Master of Fear under her thumb. She, a woman of feelings and the occult, managed to get a man of science and fear to to develop a sort of attachment to her - whether he was aware of it or not. 

She didn't even have to mold herself to be someone else he wanted. He was so subconsciously lonely that he welcomed her as her flawed self with open arms when his nightmares became too much for him. He actually adored her for herself - in all her eccentricity and energized creativity. That made her feelings all the more genuine, but it didn't hurt to keep so much from him. It was all for the best.

None of her feelings developed for any of the rogues were lies. Her intentions were shielded, but she left her personality bare to some degree. She was most open and truthful to Crane, but he didn't know half of what went on in her mind.

She allowed him to manipulate her, allowed him to withdraw the cure to further enhance their dependence on one another. She knew he was leading her to what could be her demise if she had't planned out something so properly orchestrated. She did not approve of his methods of revenge - she thought revenge was an utter waste of time - but earned his faithfulness by learning every inch of his mind and committing his orders without question. He barely knew a thing about what went on in her head, and she preferred to keep it that way. The Wendigo, in retaliation to her melting heart, shielded her mind. It was better to be essential than to be in charge.

Yes she wanted her feelings back and certainly did not want to die - but she had to endure the Wendigo long enough for her to gain not only Crane's trust, but most of his devotion and dedication.

Not only would that help her get a cure - so she hoped - but it would allow her to change someone she deeply cared about's life for the better. To mold him into a person he was meant to be, a person he could still be.

The black ice incident was kind of staged. Mallory and the Wendigo planned it out and went with it as soon as they were positive that Jonathan Crane was infatuated with them, and that the Gotham Rogues thought of her as a trusted ally - even, in Harley's case, a best friend.

The Wendigo couldn't stop Justice League Dark's cleansing of Mallory and, as a reward for her cunning outwitting of it, left her with a few perks, such as freezing her appearance to its physical peak, allowing her mind and senses to be relatively sharpened and focused, and other blessings in disguises I mentioned in her character sheet aftermath.

It hurt to leave her hard work to go to Metropolis, and all Mallory could do was hope her hard work had paid off. When Jonathan came to her, she nearly cried in relief because all of that planning was so close to working. She nearly had all she could ever want, doing unbelievable things in the process. It was so risky, and yet things couldn't have been going more greatly.

Once Mallory had spit her guts out to Crane, she left him alone to think. Least to say, he was flabbergasted. No-one had ever done something like that to him in all his life. No-one had gone to such extreme lengths to ensure his happiness and safety, no-one had tolerated him, identified with him on such a personal level, adored him as she did and still managed to keep her secrets hidden so well from him, nor had anyone manipulated and tormented him so horribly.

Mallory Kieran Sinnet impacted Jonathan Crane so profoundly that he stayed, utterly beguiled. And they were /"normally"/ happy and successful ever since. Jonathan, now under the alias of Johannson Crowley (I'm still working on the name), earned a teaching spot at Metropolis Universities' psychology branch, helping his wife, Mallory Crowley, with her books and horror show/movie pitches. Mallory put her acting talents to good use, and the two flourished among Metropolis' community, though they did unsettle some with their morbid tastes.

Um, what else? The two were married on Halloween and attempted unsuccessfully to produce children, suffering the same fate Mallory's parents had. They stopped trying after their third miscarriage, and instead, upon Crane's insistence, adopted Giles Corey and Annabelle, two infants who, due to the mothers' request, were going to be shipped off to an orphanage in Arlen.

That's all for now. Fanfics will be written soon enough.

Now that that's explained, onto the memes!

    Who holds:

    The umbrella, when it rains - Jonathan. He usually hogs it to himself. Mallory adores the rain so she doesn't mind at all. Though            Jon tries to stay dry, Mallory always ends up hugging him at some point, getting his clothes soaked. He doesn't pull away too much      now that they've been in a relationship for years.

    The popcorn at the cinema - Mallory. Jon doesn't eat much popcorn. He holds the candy instead.

    The baby, when it cries - Mallory during the day and Jonathan during the night. Jonathan is a bit more affectionate with the kids at        night, having nothing else better to do when his insomnia kicks in.

    The ice cream cone, when they share - Mallory. They rarely share ice cream, though. They only do so when they pretend to be one        of those lovey-dovey couples for appearance sake.

    The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - Jonathan, your resident control freak, /always/ holds the remote.

    The basket, when they go shopping - Jonathan. Mallory would, but she is too busy picking out the many ingredients she uses in her     vegetarian culinary pursuits.

    The door, on dates - They take turns.

    The other’s hand, most often - Mallory reaches out to hold Jonathan's hand frequently, but it is Jonathan who keeps the hold going        on. He is unbelievably clingy when he is allowed to be.

    Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - Jonathan. He had trouble believing that he was actually getting married     in the first place.

    The camera, when they take pictures together - Jonathan. Again, resident control freak. Plus photography is totally his hobby when     he feels like it.

        Who made the first move; Mallory by proving her loyalty. Jonathan sealed the deal, though.

        Who said ‘I love you’ first; Easy; Mallory. Jonathan was relentlessly guarded with the words and never said it until he was                  positive that they wouldn't ever be parted again.

        How often they fight; They try not to fight much. Mallory often communicated well enough with Jonathan to prevent fights, but           Jonathan still hadn't mastered that very well. They get into fights sometimes about things such as work overloads and whenever         they're both totally stressed about work or people. Their arguments range from ridiculous little things to completely serious               matters.

        For instance, when they found out that G.C. and Annabelle were witches and had powers, the two had an argument about what           to do. They ended up consulting Diane for advice and doing their best to follow it.

        And a week later they were arguing about whether Dandy from American Horror Story was a complex character or not.

        Who's big spoon/little spoon; Should be obvious, given their physiques. Jon/Mal.

        What their nicknames are for each other; Mallory switches between "Jon-Jon" and "Pumpkin." Jonathan switches between                    "Coppertop" and "Witch." The term "Ragdoll" is an insult in Mallory's opinion, so that nickname is used in particularly heated                 arguments. In an argument, Mallory lashes out back with the nickname "Farm boy."

        Who's the better cook; Mallory had formal training, so she is. Jonathan succeeds in burning toast, but can brew coffee well.

        Their song; I'm not really sure, but there is a fear family playlist by Yoruhoshi on Grooveshark. Here it                                                is:!/playlist/Fe…

        Who remembers their anniversaries; Mallory was the one who remembered their anniversaries at first, doing small things like            unexpected scavenger hunts and horror movie marathons and late night horror game binges. But as their relationship                        progressed, it's Jonathan who acutely remembered things like birthdays and anniversaries to the extent that everything he                planned out (/if/ he even plans something out because sometimes he forgets or just procrastinates 'cause he has work to do)            has to be perfect; nothing can go wrong or else he'll just grow frustrated and sulky.

        Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex); Talk about morbid stuff.
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Hey, how's ya'll's New Year?
Twenty minutes after officially declaring it New Years here, I got scared by a "The Woman In Black II" commercial in front of my folks so much that I fell over. xD
Anyway, What're your resolutions for this new year? 


United States
Hi, peoples! I'ms HBCfanAlex, but you can call me Alex!

In case you're wondering, HBC stands for one of my favorite actresses, Helena Bonham Carter. As my penname suggests, I'm a fan of her and her work.

I like a lot of things, mostly morbid, dark and twisted plots and great character development. I'm Gothic. To me (and I'm sure that there are others who agree), the term Gothic when describing a person means that said person has an affinity for the macabre, and are fascinated or enchanted with such darkness in the world, thus wishing to explore it and perhaps live their life learning more about it/educating those who wish to learn about it. We just see things differently.

Now, did I mention anything about fashion?
Music style (Although I do love me some Voltaire and Emilie Autumn)?
How many colors/chemicals wreak havoc in someone's tresses?
How rebellious or moody one is?
General hardcore-ness?

Anyone - and I mean anyone (Your always-in-pink school teacher, that elderly neighbor across the street, a sweet girl who partakes in community service, etc.) - who has an eye for the darkness that lurks in the world can be Gothic. And I am one of those people. End of story.

Pleasure to meet you~.

Writing is, and most likely, always will be, my top priority. You'll often find me in a corner, drawing or thinking about fanfiction and story ideas I'll have. As the years go by, I grow more serious about my hobby and am thankful for any constructive criticism. I will strive to do better.
Oh, I sing too. Pretty well, or so people tell me, and my vocal control is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. :shrug:

Well, that's it, I suppose! Welcome to my lair.

Current Residence: In the middle of nowhere (with Courage the cowardly dog).
Favourite genre of music: It depends on my mood!
Skin of choice: Tan. Kinda pale brown.
Favourite cartoon character: Jonathan Crane or the Music Meister.

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