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1. What do my DC-oriented watchers think is behind the Scarecrow's mask? How do you all picture him looking?
2. What direction do you think Mallory is going to go as a character? Note:Without my writings having too much influence in your decision.
3. How do you all perceive Mallory's parents to be? Note: Drabble coming soon about this, but I'd like to hear everyone's opinion first.
4.What personality traits does Mallory have according to my watchers? (if I find the personality a bit lacking or going the wrong direction I will say so and ask for how I can correct the lack of clarity in my writing)
5. What traits are the Wendigos'?
6. How do you perceive Mallory's relationship with Crane, both romantic and understudy-wise? How do you perceive the Wendigo's relationship with Crane?
7. Any headcanons for these two in any AU's? 
8. Would anyone be interested in me writing about any of the following:

Gotham High AU
Summer in Georgia
Non-villain AU
Haunted house AU
Carnival AU
1920's AU
Conflicted Goals scenes
Any other AU?
Um, that's it so far. I'd appreciate it if my watchers following for my Batman stuff would take the time to answer these.  It would be quite helpful. :)


United States
Hi, peoples! I'ms HBCfanAlex, but you can call me Alex!

In case you're wondering, HBC stands for one of my favorite actresses, Helena Bonham Carter. As my penname suggests, I'm a fan of her and her work.

I like a lot of things, mostly morbid, dark and twisted plots and great character development. I'm Gothic. To me (and I'm sure that there are others who agree), the term Gothic when describing a person means that said person has an affinity for the macabre, and are fascinated or enchanted with such darkness in the world, thus wishing to explore it and perhaps live their life learning more about it/educating those who wish to learn about it. We just see things differently.

Now, did I mention anything about fashion?
Music style (Although I do love me some Voltaire and Emilie Autumn)?
How many colors/chemicals wreak havoc in someone's tresses?
How rebellious or moody one is?
General hardcore-ness?

Anyone - and I mean anyone (Your always-in-pink school teacher, that elderly neighbor across the street, a sweet girl who partakes in community service, etc.) - who has an eye for the darkness that lurks in the world can be Gothic. And I am one of those people. End of story.

Pleasure to meet you~.

Writing is, and most likely, always will be, my top priority. You'll often find me in a corner, drawing or thinking about fanfiction and story ideas I'll have. As the years go by, I grow more serious about my hobby and am thankful for any constructive criticism. I will strive to do better.
Oh, I sing too. Pretty well, or so people tell me, and my vocal control is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. :shrug:

Well, that's it, I suppose! Welcome to my lair.

Current Residence: In the middle of nowhere (with Courage the cowardly dog).
Favourite genre of music: It depends on my mood!
Skin of choice: Tan. Kinda pale brown.
Favourite cartoon character: Jonathan Crane or the Music Meister.

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