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Hey-o! Guess who's back from their trip and decided to inform mai peeps a day before she goes back to school?!
This procrastinator!

If anyone wants to ask me about my month long trip to and around Europe, go ahead in the comments section below or send me a note!

Now, I know that I said that I hoped to get some writing done during my trip and for the remainder of my weeks of summer in the U.S., but unfortunately I did not. Even though I've given excuse after excuse, hear me out with this.

Ok, on my trip we went to and from a bunch of places and had it experience the general hassle that comes with traveling to foreign places, and I did not have internet outside of the places we slept in or any texting/calling access whatsoever. Traveling is draining, especially for a month, so I became uber lazy and tired and my inspiration just died due to that exhaustion. Once I got back into wherever we stayed, I just wanted to lay down and browse my tumblr, maybe eat a bit if I was feeling particularly adventurous.

Luckily, my family is extremely lucky. We only got scammed once and it was only a short changed deal. My pop nearly lost his phone in Italy and we managed to get it back via a few helpful locals and a woman who picked it up and turned it into the police station. We are exceedingly lucky, peeps. Like, no joke. I'm saying this out of disbelief-not snobbery. It seriously astounds me just how good we have it. We aren't rich or anything, but the education, experiences, love, and understanding we have together is one of a kind.

Anyway, enough sappiness.

Then, when I returned from my long voyage, I had to take care of summer work because I'm a no-good procrastinator and school was like three weeks away- why didn't I finish it before I left?!

So, long story short, I didn't end up writing at all. I barely even thought about stories and scenarios-batman related, anyhow. I've barelybeen roleplaying for quite some time now and I suppose that that and not talking too much to mai peeps here has dampened my creativity a bit.

On the bright side, school's tomorrow. *head desks*

Um, also, I feel like I've to say this because now that I'm back I realize that I seem uber inactive around here and I've a lot to catch up on. It is probably going to stay that way for a few people. I'm quite tentative when striking conversations with others and supporting my feelings about subjects and others. If I don't say anything about mai peeps' art work they've posted, please assume I enjoy it because chances are that I do. If I say very little-like a "good job!"-it is only because others have already voiced my thoughts or I enjoy it too much that the only thing I can offer you is praise or I simply don't feel up to making a huge critique because I'm tired or uninspired or happily shocked. 

Such silence and subdued behavior a nasty little habit that I'm struggling to obliterate.

So, I'd appreciate it if my watchers will approach me if they wish to talk about batman or anything else really, and if I forget to reply to a conversation we have please remind me and I'll get to it when I can.  If you need help with developing a character or simply wish to talk, please send me a note. I would appreciate it if people come to me to talk about whatever strikes your fancy because I'm kind of reluctant and uninspired to rekindle conversations or even strike the first start of a conversation.

If you wanna roleplay on tumblr with Mallory, please come talk to me.
If you want to talk about life, come talk to me.
If you want to talk about DC, come talk to me.
If you wanna bounce ideas around or want feedback on a particular plot, come talk to me.
If you want to vent about anything in particular, come talk to me.
If you wanna know my favorite color or song or any other fun thing, come talk to me.
If you want to talk about things that you know interest me (psychology or murders or urban legends or witchcraft or paranormal stuff or creepypastas, etc.), come talk to me.
If you are interested in what I have to say, come talk to me.
If you are interested in ME, come talk to me.
The point is to please come talk to me.

I don't bite unless provoked, and I like making new friends. I like helping others and getting help in return. I like learning about my watchers and good friends on here. I like conversing about plots and shows and stuff. Granted the timing is inopportune, but my door is open at any time and I will respond when I am able.

So, please come talk to me, mai peeps!


United States
Hi, peoples! I'ms HBCfanAlex, but you can call me Alex!

In case you're wondering, HBC stands for one of my favorite actresses, Helena Bonham Carter. As my penname suggests, I'm a fan of her and her work.

I like a lot of things, mostly morbid, dark and twisted plots and great character development. I'm Gothic. To me (and I'm sure that there are others who agree), the term Gothic when describing a person means that said person has an affinity for the macabre, and are fascinated or enchanted with such darkness in the world, thus wishing to explore it and perhaps live their life learning more about it/educating those who wish to learn about it. We just see things differently.

Now, did I mention anything about fashion?
Music style (Although I do love me some Voltaire and Emilie Autumn)?
How many colors/chemicals wreak havoc in someone's tresses?
How rebellious or moody one is?
General hardcore-ness?

Anyone - and I mean anyone (Your always-in-pink school teacher, that elderly neighbor across the street, a sweet girl who partakes in community service, etc.) - who has an eye for the darkness that lurks in the world can be Gothic. And I am one of those people. End of story.

Pleasure to meet you~.

Writing is, and most likely, always will be, my top priority. You'll often find me in a corner, drawing or thinking about fanfiction and story ideas I'll have. As the years go by, I grow more serious about my hobby and am thankful for any constructive criticism. I will strive to do better.
Oh, I sing too. Pretty well, or so people tell me, and my vocal control is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. :shrug:

Well, that's it, I suppose! Welcome to my lair.

Current Residence: In the middle of nowhere (with Courage the cowardly dog).
Favourite genre of music: It depends on my mood!
Skin of choice: Tan. Kinda pale brown.
Favourite cartoon character: Jonathan Crane or the Music Meister.

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